Achieve the most value from your HDHP by educating your employees

A recent study conducted by the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute found that less than 1 in 5 participants in a high deductible health plan (HDHP) understand that preventative office visits are exempt from their deductible. Only 1 in 10 understand preventative tests also are exempt from their deductible. This misinformation could lead to delaying or avoiding a preventative office visit because of perceived costs, which could lead to more serious and costly health issues down the road. In fact, the study found that almost 25% of the participants who were misinformed, delayed or avoided a preventative office visit, test or screening because of cost concerns. These participants were unaware that preventative care will cost little to nothing out of pocket, and are avoiding care unnecessarily.

Fill in the blanks

Getting the most value out of your company’s HDHP comes down to better education and more consistent communication to your employees. Compliment the benefit communications already in place with annual Employee Benefit Statements to fill in the blanks, and to show your employees how valuable their benefits really are.

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Here’s an example of one way to use Total Compensation Statements to communicate to your employees the true value of their benefits.


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